Pregnancy and Post Partum

Naturopathic medicine can provide complimentary and holistic care throughout each trimester of your pregnancy. This includes guidance on prenatal vitamins and supplements, nausea and fatigue support, digestive changes, and birth preparation. After baby has arrived, support continues into the post-partum time and is centered around each woman’s individual needs. Additionally, care can be provided for your newborn throughout infancy and into childhood.

Pregnancy and Post Partum

Pregnancy Support 

Support for maintaining conception, pregnancy related symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia, and constipation, as well as birth preparation.

Post-Partum Care  

Mood support, fatigue, sleep, breastfeeding.


Digestion, colic, acid reflux, skin rashes (ie. eczema), supplementation (ie. vitamin D, probiotics). Continued care into childhood.  

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