Menstrual Cycles

Menstrual cycles and others symptoms throughout the month can help us understand the state of your hormones. As a health care practitioner, I gather in-depth information regarding your menstrual cycle in order to provide insight into what may be happening within your body. Together we will discuss and monitor your monthly cycle length, days of flow and flow volume, as well as other cycle-related symptoms such as cramping, mood changes, and more.

Menstrual Cycles

Irregular Cycles

Menstrual cycles longer than 35 days, or shorter than 24 days. Flow lasting longer than 7 days.

Menstrual Cramping

Cramping before or during a menstrual period, cramping at ovulation.

Heavy Flow, Very Light Flow, or Absent Flow

Heavy menstrual flow, or flow lasting longer than 7 days. Light menstrual flow lasting 3 days or less, spotting flow, or no menstrual flow (amenorrhea).

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